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Iaponia Regnum, anno 1655, M.Martini, published by Blaeu J.

Coppermap, published by J. Blaeu Amsterdam, anno 1655, old coloured in outline, size of the map: 41,5 x 56,5 cm., little brwonish, little crack on upper margin. Korea being correctly drawn as a peninsula for the first time. This map was the standart map up to the 18 century. From M. Martini, "Novus Atlas Sinensis", an italian Jesuit, the first european Atlas of China and Japan. Reference: Map Collectors Circle, Nr. 36, 21: "The subdivisions of the Kingdom are shown by means of dotted lines; Korea being correctly drawn as a peninsula for the first time. This was to remain the standart form of Japan until the eighteenth century and although replaced by the maps of Reland and Kaempfer it is in its outline closer to the true shape of Japan than either of these or indeed any printed map before the nineteenth century. It was compiled by Father Martino Martini, an Italian Jesuit, and appears in Blaeu´s Atlas Sinensis, the first European atlas of China. Of the two general maps one if of Japan. Father Martini (1614-1661) went to China as a young man and became the Superior at Hang-Chow. In 1651 he left for Rome but took three years on an eventful journey home. His arrival was described by Blaeu: ""The Reverend Father Martinus Martinius comes from India, and brings with him the figurations and descriptions of the Empire of China. He insists that I print and publish these. Therefore i leave off all other things for the time being, in order to push forward this work "". After a short stay in Europe Martini returned to China and died in Hang-chow...."
Iaponia Regnum, anno 1655, M.Martini, published by Blaeu J. by Blaeu W.+J.,Atlases,Maps,Townboo
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