The true interest of Great Britain, Ireland and our plantations.

The true interest of Great Britain, Ireland and our plantations. Or, A proposal for making such an union between Great Britain and Ireland, and all our plantations, as that already made betwixt Scotland and England. Whereby the attempts and endeavours of foreign powers and domestick factions, towards dividing, disuniting, weakening and dismembering us, may be prevented. And a new method of husbandry by greater and lesser canals; whereby the present value and product of our lands and waters may, in five or six years, be, at an avarage, at least quadrupled: the publick debts may be paid off; and such of our taxes, as are most burthen some and hurtful to our trade and industry, removed. And all this, at an expence of money and labour, at the ulmost extent, within Britain, not exceeding three or four years of the ordinary expence of money and labour, now, at an avarage, annuality bestowed upon our lands and waters. With proposals for removing the hurtful parts of the heretable courts and jurisdictions, and of the present holdings and tenures of lands in Scotland; and other such obstructions to all good law, power, government, union, industry and improvements whatsoever. By Sir Alexander Murray, of Stanhope, barnoet London, Printed for the author in the year MDCCXL. [1740] viii,52;[2 tabular leafes],20; maps ; folio, 36 x 22 cm.. To the maps: 1. "A new map of north britain" by J. Cowley, 1734, 50 x 37 cm., with a small inset of the shetland isles. 2. "a map of such part of his grace the duke of argyles, 70 x 64 cm.. 3. North Britain, 62 x 51 cm.. 4. The sea-coasts of britain with parts of europe, france, germany, denmark and norway. One small demage with a little loss, size: 43 x 56 cm.. 5. A map of the loch sunart, 48 x 68 cm.. 6. A map of the baronry of stobbe, 45 x 50 cm. 7. A plan & perspective view of the improved land of mingary; with the improveable bay of kilchoan & drawn from an original survey of ardnamuchan by J. Cowley; with a small inset of a prospect of mingary castle from y Sea, 44 x 60 cm.. 8. A map of the improved moss and improveable bay of kintra drawn from a plan of the survey of arnamonchan by Cowley, London 1734, 41 x 60 cm. Following two unknown views, following the last map: representation of a river, 37 x 26 cm. After the maps follows: a letter and remonstrance to the right honourable philip lord hardwcke lord high chancellor of great britain arthur onslow esquire speaker of the house of commons and mr. attorney and mr. sollicitor general from sir alexander murray of stanhope baronet. The book has a new binding, little brownish, the first 3 pages little foxed.
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