Carte des Costes de l'Asie sur l'Ocean contenant les Bancs Isles

Carte des Costes de l'Asie sur l'Ocean contenant les Bancs Isles et Costes &c… MORTIER, Pierre. Amsterdam: Pierre Mortier, 1700. From the first edition of Le Neptune francois, Cartes Marines, original hand colours. Printed on thick paper good condition, only little brownish, some small waterstains only on margins. Engraved map, 565 x 860 mm (map size); contemporary hand-colouring. Dutch seventeenth century map of the Australian coast First issue of Mortier's important and highly attractive large format Dutch map depicting the "coasts of Asia" and including a good and substantial early depiction of the Australian coast, showing VOC voyages from Hartog (1616) to Tasman (1642-1644). The map is unusually detailed regarding the Dutch voyagers in Australian waters, with the stretches of coast they explored named, including the now familiar rollcall of captains such as Houtman (1619), Leeuwin (1622), Carstensz (1623), de Wit (1625) and Nuyt (1627). The fact that the outline of Australia retains the same basic shape it had had since the mid seventeenth-century, is testament to the hiatus in major European voyages in the region, although the map does inadvertently improve the relative position of Tasmania compared to other Mortier maps of the era, which had shown the island too far to the west (much like the Thevenot map which is the original source). more Tooley, p. 209.
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