Lavoisne M., Atlas, anno 1820, with the Melish map

Lavoisne M., Atlas, anno 1820, with the Melish map A COMPLETE GENEALOGICAL, HISTORICAL, CHRONOLOGICAL, AND GEOGRAPHICAL ATLAS; BEING A GENERAL GUIDE TO HISTORY, BOTH ANCIENT AND MODERN: EXHIBITING AN ACCURATE ACCOUNT OF THE ORIGIN, DESCENT, AND MARRIAGES OF ALL THE ROYAL FAMILIES FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE WORLD: TOGETHER WITH THE VARIOUS POSSESSIONS, FOREIGN WARS, BATTLES OF RENOWN AND REMARKABLE EVENTS, TO THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO . THE WHOLE FORMING A COMPLETE SYSTEM OF HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY M. Lavoisne Published by M. Carey & Sons, Philadelphia, 1820 The First American Edition of A Complete Genealogical, Historical, Chronological, and Geographical Atlas, executed by Matthew Carey in 1820. Complete with all maps and charts of 71 double-page plates -- including the important maps of the "United States of America" by John Melish. Folio, some restorations. But the Melish map in good condition
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