Imperium Russorum, anno 1737, map, Wagner F., old colours

Imperium Russorum, anno 1737, map, Wagner F., old colours -Edited in: Einleitung In die Alte und Neuere Geographia ... 1737 Franz WAGNER (1675-1738)---Size of the printed area: 16x20 cm.. Franz Wagner was a Jesuit priest and director of the Jesuit seminary in Vienna. He was a prolific writer, producing works of a universal nature, dictionaries, histories and in particular works on chronology. This is the first small world atlas to have appeared in Austria. The 37 folding maps refer to ancient and modern world geography. None of the maps contain cartouches; the map titles are taken from the engraved surface. Year 1737 Plates & Maps List of maps, our numbers: 01. Europa Antiqua 02. Hispania Antiqua 03. Gallia Antiqua 04. Germania Antiqua 05. Italia Media Sive Propria 06. Italia Infera 07. Italia Antiqua 08. Græcia Exterior 09. Græcia Interior Sive Propria 10. Asia Minor [with Cyprus] 11. Asia Vetus 12. Gallia Cisalpina 13. Palæstina Seu Terra Sancta 14. Ægyptus Antiqua 15. Africa Vetus 16. Europa Nova [with Greece and Cyprus] 17. Hispania Nova 18. Gallia Nova 19. Italia Superior 20. Italia Media 21. Italia Inferior Seu Regnum Neapolitanum 22. Italia Hodierna Cum Insulis Adjacentibus 23. Imperium Romano Germanicum 24. Circulus Austriacus et Bavaricus 25. Circulus Suevicus cum Republica Helvetiæ Rhætia et Valesia 26. Circulus Franconicus Rhenanus Uterque Westphalicus et Saxonicus Inferior 27. Circulus Saxoniæ Superioris cum Reg. Bohemiæ 28. Belgium Seu XVII Provinciæ Germaniæ Inferioris 29. Magna Britannia Complectens Angliæ Scotiæ et Hiberniæ Regna 30. Scandinavia Complectens Sueciæ et Daniæ Norvegiæ Regna 31. Regnum Poloniæ Et Magnus Ducatus Lithuaniæ 32. Imperium Russorum 33. Hungariæ Regnum cum Adjacentibus 34. Imperium Turcicum 35. Asia Nova 36. Africa Nova 37. America
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