Martinique, anno 1740, Seutter Matthäus

Martinique, anno 1740, Seutter Matthäus "Representation la plus nouvelle et exacte de l'Ile Martinique, la premiere des Iles de l'Amerique Antilles…" Matthäus Seutter 56.7 x 48.8 cm., leaf: 53x62 cm.. This splendid map is one of the most decorative maps of Martinique. It illustrates the mountains, rivers, settlements, plantations, churches, roads and forts. The original color delineates the three divisions of the island designated for the Jesuit, Capuchin and Dominican missionaries. The large cartouche features illustrations of the French colonists, sugar cane, indigo and the Carib natives. A naval battle rages offshore, the messenger Mercury flies above, and Neptune rides his hippocampi drawn shell chariot in the foreground. The map is in a very good condition, only one small restoration on left margin, in publishers colours.
Martinique, anno 1740, Seutter Matthäus by Seutter Matthäus, 1678 - 1757
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