Imago Mundi, vol. 36

Imago Mundi, vol. 36 Imago Mundi No. 36 Imago Mundi No. 36 Author The Journal of the International Society for the History of Cartography Publisher Imago Mundi Ltd. Publication place King's College London, Publication date 1984. Description Hardcover, bound in blue cloth, 135 pages. 4° Articles include: 'The county landownership map in America, its commercial development and social transformation 1814-1939', Michael P. Conzen; 'Visions Medievales de la France', M. Numa Broc; 'New light on an old atlas: Documents concerning the publication of the 'Atlas Universel' (1757)', Mary Sponberg Pedley; ''Orbis Terraqueus' - The map catalogue of the bookseller Simon Paulli (Strasbourg, 1670)', Peter H. Meurer; 'Map Illustrations - Do's and Don'ts', Harry Margary; 'The cartographic definition of France's Eastern boundary in the early seventeenth century', David Buisseret.
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