Imago Mundi, History of Cartography, vols 01-24 and 27-43
[Imago Mundi]

Imago Mundi, History of Cartography, vols 01-24 and 27-43; 41 volumes. Imago Mundi is a peer-reviewed academic journal founded in 1935 by Leo Bagrow. It is the only English-language scholarly periodical exclusively devoted to the history of early maps, cartography, and map-related ideas. The full-length articles, although in English, have abstracts in French, German, Spanish, and English. Each volume also contains three reference sections (book reviews, bibliography, and chronicle) that provide a summary of current developments in the field. * Skelton, R. A. (1959), "Leo Bagrow: Historian of Cartography and Founder of Imago Mundi, 1881-1957", Imago Mundi 14: 4–5, 7–12, JSTOR 1150208
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