Atlas Coelestis,anno 1742,Karte,Doppelmayr,verlegt bei Homann Er
[Welt 101]

Coppermap from the Atlas Coelesteis of Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr, edited by Homann Heirs, anno 1742, "GLOBI COELESTIS IN TABULAS PLANAS REDACTI PARS IV in qua Longitudines Stellarum fixarum ad anum Christi completum 1730 tam Arithmetice quam Geometrice exhibentur" Internal view of the sky centred on the autumnal equinox in a gnomonic projection between the declinations 45 North and 45 South. Also depicted are the paths of the comets C/1618 W 1, observed by Johannes Kepler, C 1664 W1, Johannes Hevelius, 1P/1682 Q1, Halley´s Comet, Johannes Hevelius, C/1684 N1, Francesco Bianchini and C/1706 F 1, Giovanni Domenico Cassini. Size of the leaf: 53 x 62 cm., brownish, some little cracs on margins, centerfold restored, little loss of the center line in upper part, not the best condition of this scarce map.Siehe engl. Text
Atlas Coelestis,anno 1742,Karte,Doppelmayr,verlegt bei Homann Er by Doppelmayr Gabriel, 1677-1750
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