Histoire de la domination romaine en Jude?e, et de la ruine de J

Histoire de la domination romaine en Jude?e, et de la ruine de Je?rusalem Verfasser: Joseph Salvador Verlag: Bruxelles : Me?line, Cans et Co., 1847. Jews -- History -- 586 B.C.-70 A.D. Jews. III vols., 1. VIII, 376 pp., one map, 2. 367 pp., one map, 348 pp., one map. Very good condition, clean books, WITH PROMINENT PROVENANCE: HOFBIBLIOTHEK DONAUESCHINGEN. Joseph Salvador (scholar) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Joseph Salvador (1779–1873) was a scholar from a Sephardi Jewish family in the south of France. Salvador was born in Montpellier. His family had fled to Southern France from Spain in the 15th century in the wake of the Spanish Inquistion where they acculturated to life in France. Salvador's mother was a Roman Catholic. At his personal request, he was buried in the Protestant cemetery of Le Vigan, near Montpellier. Biography Salvador abandoned his medical studies when he read about the anti-Jewish riots in Germany in 1819, describing the impact of reading about the persecution of Jews in his later book, Paris, Rome, Jerusalem ou la Question religieuse au XIX siecle. The book was condemned by the Catholic Church. Salvador's thesis "was his attempt to outline a universal religion based on a fusion of Judaism and Christianity- Reforming Judaism. The author believed that the natural center for this syncretistic religion was Jerusalem, and visualized the evolution of this universal faith as a lineal outgrowth of what he imagined classical Judaism to have been. To achieve this fusion of religions, Salvador advocated the establishment of a new state, a bridge between the Orient and the Occident, encompassing he corders of ancient Israel." Salvador, regarded by some as a proto-Zionist, viewed Jerusalem and the future State of the restored Jews as a spiritual condition, not a political one. His thesis was modified and echoed by later Zionist thinkers such as Theodor Herzl and Ahad Ha'am.
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